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What We Do (Our Mission)

We create easily, accessible, beautiful, meaningful and profound online presence for forward thinking companies. Our web services help businesses, organizations and individuals use the web to:

  1.  quickly launch and grow their online presence
  2. streamline and simplify their operations
  3. connect with their audience
  4. connect and collaborate with others through the web and
  5. better do business online.

Why We Do What We Do

At heart, we exist for two reasons:

1. We love freedom. There’s no greater opportunity in life than to be and become whoever you choose; to express yourself freely and fully; to impact the world in your own unique way; and to be compensated in equal measure to that impact. And that opportunity, we believe, is most readily realized through the start-up and operation of your own entrepreneurial venture.

2. We love the Internet and Technology. We love it for its ability to add richness and simplicity to our lives. And we love it for its ability to connect people and bring them closer together, despite perhaps being miles apart. We also love it for the vast opportunities it provides for businesses, richness in content, etc.

10 Things We Care Most About (Our Values)

  1. Freedom – it’s why we exist.
  2. Simplicity – makes it easier to focus on what’s most important.
  3. Integrity – life is simpler when you understand and fulfill your commitments.
  4. Effectiveness – we want our stuff to get results for people.
  5. Human Relationship – we are many, we are one.
  6. Growth – it’s the natural course of life.
  7. Beauty – we like things to look good.
  8. Leading-Edginess – we like fresh and new.
  9. Tech-Savviness – it’s all about simplicity and competitive advantage.
  10. Pizza & Coffee – we needed a #10 (and we really do love pizza and the smell of fresh hot coffee…lol).
About Dextatek
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