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Promo Terms and Conditions

  1. This offer is limited to SME’s; businesses that employs not more than 3 people.
  2. This promo does not include the development of a complex e-commerce site (e.g. ecommerce site with payment system integration and shopping basket and other advanced features), you can contact us separately so we can work out separate discount for you based on the original price and your request.
  3. We can only have 2 revisions for your logo and business card design. You will need to pay the premium if you want more revisions.
  4. Payment is to be made in full before work commences. Payments are none refundable.
  5. Should there be any form of disagreement between the client and Dextatek Limited. Dextatek limited reserves the right to cancel the project and make part refund to the client.
  6. Although website maintenance is not compulsory but highly recommended. Once a website is built, the client ‘ok’ it and it goes live, dextatek limited hands off all web properties to the client (website login details, raw files of logo and business cards, etc.). Dextatek Limited will not be held liable for any damage(s) that might come about from lack of maintenance on the website in the future (e.g. hacking, script conflict, etc).
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